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Member Benefits

GDP Background

GDP is a member organization formed in 2006 with the mission "to align and support the dairy industry to promote sustainable dairy nutrition."  GDP operates in the pre-competitive space, allowing the executives of many of the world's largest dairy companies the opportunity to work together to tackle common challenges and to collaborate on issues that stimulate the demand for dairy products.

The work is guided by the GDP Roadmap - a comprehensive work plan that details the challenges, opportunities, visions of success, achievements and problems to overcome within each of GDP's four priority areas: 

1. Nutrient Richness - That nutrition policy makers recognize the nutritional richness of dairy products.

2. Full-fat Dairy Products - That nutrition policy makers recognize the value of full-fat dairy products in food-based dietary guidance.

3. Sustainability - Ensuring the dairy sector is recognized as a vital component of the sustainable diet.

4. Communications - Consumers respond positively to dairy promotion in all markets.  GDP members utilize fact-based tools to promote   dairy nutrition.


Member Benefits:

Our members are leading dairy corporations, cooperatives and associations who have united to resolve issues affecting the future viability of the global dairy sector. By becoming a member, you will:

·         Participate in CEO-led forums that highlight key issues affecting the demand for dairy.

·         Network with peers facing common challenges.

·         Attend exclusive strategic meetings amongst dairy executives, marketers and scientists, to facilitate pre-competitive projects.

·         Join GDP working groups consisting of top researchers, executives and marketers.

·         Participate in the GDP Annual Meeting where you can provide direction to the future work program.

·         Obtain insights into globally shared issues – opportunities, challenges and best practices.

·         Gain perspective on worldwide communication concepts for use in campaigns.

·         Have access to a global network that can provide support on local issues.

·         Be at the forefront of the latest developments and hot topics about dairy.

·         Gain access to the GDP Member Center Website with a series of interactive tools that enhances collaboration amongst members.


Membership Dues

Membership dues are charged to commercial companies.  Industry associations are not required to pay dues.  Membership dues are dependent upon the turnover of the company and are used to fund the work of GDP.  The dues structure is detailed in the GDP Membership Agreement, available upon request.